Refinancing a Duplex by splitting it into separate single family homes.

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I will soon be closing on a fixer upper Duplex (Hard money). Planning on a refi in 6 months. 

Would it be profitable to split the Duplex into 2 Single family homes and get it appraised before doing the Refi? What would the process include and how much would it cost?

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It's really hard to give you a specific answer without any of the details of the purchase etc. I cannot think of any reason why you would want to split a duplex, just to refi it. Splitting them up in to two separate houses seems like a whole lot of work (and capital), and for what?

Why do you want to do it? Cash out for another REI venture? Considering the information you've provided....

My answer is definitely no, it would not be "profitable" to split them.

As to how much it will cost - It will likely cost you tens of thousands of dollars to "split" them up.

Please provide more detail so we can help you find a solution...

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