Tiny Home/Air BnB rental? Check this out!

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Troy do you have experience renting tiny homes as vacation rentals? If so, I would love to ask you some questions.

Hi @Bill Coleman  , we built a tiny house and  rent it out as a vacation rental, happy to answer any questions. :)

I have a few questions. How did you get around local zoning? Is it an accessory dwelling with another property on the land? I am hoping to do this in Denver, but zoning is making it tough. 

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Hi Lucas - We built in Portland Oregon, where zoning ordinances are more progressive. Denver I heard is tougher, although there is a growing community of tiny home enthusiasts -  it might be worth tapping into - as it is very region-specific.

Originally posted by @Micki M.  I love that stuff, I wish it wasn't so expensive! When I was prepping my 379sf studio in Denver for Airbnb rentals I was drooling over the bed/desks.

 I hear ya Micki!  With vacation rentals/ furnished rentals, imagine replacing these every 3-5 years.  

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