Starting out as a Real Estate Agent

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I have saved up a little bit of money. Do you think it is a good idea to attack the field of Agency as if I have nothing and continue to build from the ground up as I gain education and experience, Ultimately continuing to add to my investment pot on the side? Before i invest my own finances into property?

Hi Semaj.

That's kind of the same approach I've taken.

I started out wholesaling and even setup my own LLC last year but my finances were limited so I was unable to give it the attention it needed (btw, anyone who says you don't need money to wholesale is full of it! I speak from experience).

Since then I've acquired my Realtor's license to not only learn more about the RE game, but also to set up some additional avenues and advance my own investment deal. 

All and all I just think it's important to remember what it is your ultimate goal is regardless of how many detours you have to take to get there. Once you get your license and set up shop with a broker, you'll learn a lot about being a Realtor and it can be very enticing to say the least, but make sure you keep in the back of your mind "Investor first, realtor second." Take everything you learn as a Realtor and think about how it applies you your personal investment goals.  Continually do this and you'll see having a license can end up being one of the best investments you've made in advancing your Investments aspirations.

Good luck brother!

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