Investor with millions wants my help!

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Now that I am a real estate agent I have been contacted by a guy who has a business partner with millions (literally...inherited a ton!!!) and wants to invest. He wants to get some deals going quickly to keep his partner interested and wants me to help. But I am
Not having any luck finding deals for them!! Any thoughts ?! Obviously I want to find some things quickly too so I can maintain good standing with these guys!

probably one of the easiest ways to find deals is to call all the signs on poles or in yards that say we buy houses in your area 
call them immediately and get on their buyers list,most if not all of these people should be wholesalers and investors in your area 
when they call you with deals run them through the BP calculators and make sure they are deals that your investors would buy

good luck @Lindsey Turner

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@Lindsey Turner no real advice here, but I am feeling your pain a few hours to the east. There are no deals in Raleigh either, at least not in MLS. I'm going to start doing some direct mail to look for deals. I have a bunch of buyers who collectively have millions to invest, but I can't find anything to sell them either!

You've got to be more specific if you want results @Lindsey Turner

What is he looking for?

Where at?

How much does he want to invest?

Does he want a package deal or single deals?

Is there a timeframe?

Is he serious or just bragging about inheriting a ton of money?

Just some random questions that popped in my head right after reading your post...

@Lindsey Turner

  Have you vetted them to make sure they are real... remember there are many fraudsters out there that get off wasting agents time and efforts.

Now if they have proofed up then you know you have something to work with..

Also times they be changing and there may not be deals like there were at the bottom of the trough which was one of the best buying opportunities to hit the US since the last great depression.. so their goals may not be realistic.

so define there investing goals make sure they are realistic

make sure they can perform

be realistic as to market conditions

is there a separate commercial MLS that you are exploring? I'm not an agent so no sure how that works nationally but in our area there are two separate MLS - commercial & residential. If they have millions, a $3 million dollar commercial space would have a down payment under $1M.

I'm sure you are aware of all this but, thought I'd throw it out there. 

@Eric Christians

  LoopNet and coast star will get you most of the commercial deals.. However commercial agents will normally try to sell in house before they go public with inventory.

Also as an agent you MUST get your commission agreement up front and in writing. Commerical is not like residential were the commissions are part of the MLS system and listing agreements ext.

The market is filling up with motivated buyers. Hurry, kids, out of the pool!

Sounds like the investor doesn't want deals, he wants action. Most RE agents in your position would get commission breath, and that seems appropriate here. Just disclose to him that it's hard to get good returns (if any) when at the top of a market cycle.

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