Finding Raw Land with Owners Who Owe Taxes

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Hi folks,

I ran across the podcast linked below:

It's about flipping raw land.  They discuss finding raw land owned by people who owe taxes on it and may be eager to sell, then sending them offers.

I'm trying to learn how to do this without paying to guru who talks about it in the podcast.  So far, all I am hearing about in my research is auctions on tax distressed land that has ALREADY been seized by the state.

Can anyone clearly explain to me how to search for tax distressed properties that are still in possession of the individual owners?  this podcast is all about flipping raw land I think it has great content. Hope it helps.

It can be more difficult that you think.  Many properties at tax sale are intentionally abandoned because of some problem, like won't perk and is unbuildable, has hazardous material on site, in a floodplain, wetland, landlocked, etc.

Be careful and know what you are buying before laying out the cash.  and yeas tax sales are a cash business, you can't get a bank mortgage before the sale. 

I'm curious if anyone else has good info on raw land.

Also check out Seth's blog.  I believe it is  Tons of free info.  

So if I go to a county's website, and find an Advertised List for an upcoming Tax Certificate Sale, how then do I determine which of those properties are raw land?

(The idea being to contact those owners with an offer before the auction.)

you can look up the records on the county website. They will have a section that gives a description and tells if it has any improvements. It will also give the mailing address of the owner. You can then do a reverse lookup to get contact info. 

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