what would you do to make the most $ if given this scenerio

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So ive been investing about 2 months and about to close on my first deal. My current finances are low but im very knowlegable now on investing in RA since all ive been doing is studying up... If you met a new investment partner who just happened to be a millionaire (through inheritance) and he wanted to partner with you since on real estate ventures.....what or how would you start investing in real estate to make the fastest financial gains with ur new business partner. I figure ill pretty much be doing a lot of the leg work since it is him with the capital. Any feedback or suggestions would help.

The first thing I think you need to figure out is how much cash is he or she willing to put up then what type of real estate ie. Flipping, rental, wholesale or etc. Also look in your area to see what stragey will work. Hope this helps 

Jason H. Your start is similar to mine. I didn't have as much capital as you, but here's what I'm doing. I do all the leg work. My strategy: bought a buy and hold quadplex to establish cash flow. All profits split 50/50 (you might not get that but ask). Then we are going to flip flip flip buy and hold. The first flip takes care of my living expenses, second flip and third flip gives both of us more capital. I'll take my capital and go buy another multifamily on my own. In the process I've had to wholesale a deal or two because we don't have the cash to purchase everything. What I would do is figure out your goals and their goals. My partner is older and isn't interested in buying and holding, they just want income. Well, I want to buy and hold. So that is the strategy I've come up with and put into place. It also keeps me from not having to get a job.

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