3D printers the future of real estate

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I know it’s at the beginning stages, but do you think the 3D printers will be the future of real estate? Building apartment complex, subdivisions, or skyscrapers? I read an article that a Chinese company is selling 3D printers that can build homes for as little as $16k all the way up to $44k, they built 10 houses in 24 hours (granted they weren’t the nicest design). I can see several years down the road spec builders or corporations using these to cut down on labor costs. Some of the problems I can think of is where do you store the printer after it is done printing the home and how do you transport it? I am sure this is an easy problem to solve, just curious. What do you think?


If there's one thing Uber, AirBnB, and self-driving cars have taught us, it's that the world as we formerly knew it is being challenged.  If there is enough demand and the quality is sufficient, some enterprising souls will figure out how to make it work (they already have to transport and store cranes and other large construction equipment).

Will be interesting to see what the next 10 or 20 years have in store.


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