How to find Probate Properties when newspaper and county court don't provide lists

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I called the probate court in Cleveland and they said they don't provide lists, they only accept written requests to look at specific properties. There's no listings in the paper as well. Are there any other ways to find listings of probate properties?

In my city there is a special newspaper that only publishes public records. I have to subscribe to it for a couple hundred dollars a year and they send me a 3-6 page paper 3 times a week of all the public records. I then have to look through them for all the probate leads.

How did you come across that newspaper? I've even called local real estate agencies to see how they deal with probate properties, and I still don't get a straight answer. I know probates are a niche market that not many people get into, but a city like Cleveland should have listings of properties.

Call a probate attorney in Cleveland :) 

Seriously, search this site as this question has come up HUNDREDS of times!

Just like fish don't jump into your boat (usually) you'll have to physically pull each court file record, open and search for both property info and name with contact info of the estate rep.

And yes, if it were easy, everyone would be working probates. 

Don't bother the attorney. Trust me on this.

@CameronSharp, is a reliable source of probate leads.

@darellamotley Have you had success with  It seems a bit pricey but would be worth it if the leads are strong.

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