As Austin, Tx fills up what about Manor?

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Hey there BP members and followers!  Being that I'm a part time Austinite there's a discussion I'd like to start.  

We all know Austin is a hot market.  With 150 people moving here daily, a low unemployment rate, good schools and great people it's a no-brainer!  With Cities like Round Rock, Leander and Cedar Park [to name a few] on fire it makes it more challenging for the newbie investor like myself.  

So my question is what about Manor?

I've heard stories both good and bad. It's proximity to downtown is a plus. SFH in the area are selling and I'm seeing rentals as well. What say you all - do you think there might be something here for investors?

I am loving manor. The location is awesome 290 gets me down town fast and just as quickly to north Austin. Where else can you still find 0 down 0 closing on brand new homes. The housing market is appreciating very well.  They are constantly building new schools out here so it is kind of hard to say how good the school districts are.  I do feel in my area of manor it is more of a buy and hold but the house across the street did sell in less than a month.

Manor has a lot of potential, but until it gets a grocery store it will continue to be a more speculative market. Also, people are thrilled about having a tollroad directly into the city, but I love the ease the roadway provides.

I also agree that this is a good buy and hold area for the long run.