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My first post. I'm currently living in England (UK) and will be moving to Southern California next Summer. We have rent to rent here where you can take over and manage somebody else's property (usually a house) and usually its at least 4 bedrooms and rent out the individual room and make a profit. Is there anything like that in S. California does anybody know?

By "Take Over" if you are saying buy and then rent out the individual rooms then, assuming there are no zoning issues (check with the city), it would be a boarding house. Look for posts that have to do with collage rentals, specifically renting rooms to collage students for the concept. As to whether someone would be willing to lease a house to you so you could rent the rooms - I think you would have to do some serious networking. There are some people who buy homes that are then leased to companies who help people who are learning to live on their own, but I don't think that is what you are after. There was a podcast on this I believe this year. If you have done this before documenting your experience will help substantially.

Thanks for your reply Mark B. Its highly popular now in England and extremely profitable so will start it up once I move to Southern California.

Thanks for the warm welcome Spencer. Appreciate it. 

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