Los Angeles appraisal district website sucks!

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Hey guys, 

As many of you Los Angeles investors know, our assessor/appraisal district website sucks. When you look up a property, you don't get much information. You can't see the person's mailing address to see if they're absentee owners, etc. I was wondering if you guys had any tips or strategies on finding more information about sellers/properties. When I go driving for dollars and see properties that I might be interested in, I can't look up the owner or anything. Is the only option to pay for these services through places like Propertyradar?

You might consider using a taskrabbit or fiver - compose a list you're interested in, either from driving for dollars or from that horrible list from the assessor and then give it to a taskrabbit - pay them to go down to the assessors office and manually look up the address - that is what I'm working on now because I have a 8-5 gig: if you have time during the week then you can hit the office your self.

Hey @Arthur Fuller II thanks for the input. I've never gone down to the assessors office. How does it work? I present them with a couple addresses, and they give me names and mailing addresses? And I've heard that the assessor has a list themselves, and youre telling me its bad lol. What makes it bad? is it inaccurate?

the list has addresses but no names and no zips. If you call they'll tell give you some info on 2 or 3 addresses but if you go down there you can get all the info you need. They direct you to where you can look up the info yourself 

Medvin Bagh one of the keys to being successful in any business is to put a value on your time. Once you do that it becomes easy to calculate whether its best to do it yourself, use services like taskrabbit or fiver to do it for you, or use a service that specializes in that field. Many free things are only free if your time is worthless. 

Any Realtor should be able to access title information for the properties you have questions about.  This would include owners names and mailing addresses.  If there is anything I can do to assist feel free to reach out.  I would love to offer my resources and insight as an agent as well as further develop myself an an investor.  

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@Clarence JohnsonThank you so much Clarence. So if a property is not up for sale, what resource do you use to find their information? 

A title search revealing owner info can be ran on any property whether it's for sale or not.