Solar Farm Through Cyprus Creek Renewables

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Cyprus Creek Renewables has approached my mother about building a solar farm on her 67 acres of farmground.  Anyone have any experience with them or any other companies in this field.  If so, how did it go, what are the drawbacks? Just from googling, I see neighbors may put up a fight to try to block it.   They sure are paying a great price per acre and locking it in for a long time.  Financially it seems like the way to go, but I'm sure there are many things we haven't thought about yet. 

Ted Turner went large doing solar farms. But he is also one of the largest land holders in the US (among the top 3 I think), and much of it is ranch land, so he was motivated to get his revenue per acre higher.

Gut feel is that you should look into it.

Given that they contacted her, they probably have it figured out. Several variables come to mind. How is the property zoned? Proximity to transmission lines? Site 'friendliness'?

Don't dismiss it. Their offers tend to be favorable.

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Many sites are leased land w/  owners reaping the benefit of above average lease rates.

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@Matt Sterling did you go through with this? I hope so for your mothers sake, since in most areas lease rates were better 2 years ago than now. 

 nope, lawyer didn't like some of their terms and they didn't budge.