Cold Calling

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Hey all...

Anyone here have success with cold calling numbers you found through public records? We are trying to move away from the herd as the MLS, auction, and yellow letter scenes are extremely competitive.

We have compiled a list of homes while driving for dollars, found the vacant owner's number and I have started to call.  No luck yet, but curious is this method has worked for anyone else or if anyone has tips, or maybe even script ideas.

I started in real estate cold calling or calling "warm leads" (FSBO's, Expireds, Etc.). It works great I just studied and watched people make these calls on youtube and replicated what they did with my own twist.

The key is follow up and building a relationship, the call is just to get you in the door and gives you the opportunity to build on that. Every appointment I had or listing I took there were at least 10+ agents and investors you are competing with. Listen to their problems and find a solution.

A side note: have thick skin, people will not be looking forward to your call. However, at the end of the year you can look back and out of all the clients I closed that year I didn't know any of them and now most I consider friends/acquaintances and they have added to my sphere of influence.

The calls I made were for listings but investors were calling the same people and just used a different script.