Is there an easier way to find out the payoff amount at auction

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There is a list of close to 900 properties going to a sheriff's sale within 3 months. The loan amounts are mentioned in the discription on their website but they go for a lot less. One property sold for $36,000 when the outstanding loan amount showed up as $138,000. Would a title search reveal how much is the payoff amount the bank is looking for? What is a better way to weed through this exhaustive list? I use a title company to find out if there are any outstanding liens on the property but I got to give them 2 or 3 properties ...even I get tired after the first 5 pages.

Just to let you know I am a real estate broker who also loves to fix and flip.

If you spend less than 10 hours a week in research at the courthouse, then your chance of success in foreclosure investing is close to 0. How many hours, this year, have you personally invested in research for the foreclosures you are investigating?

Many of the answers are in the files at the courthouse. Learn how to do primary research and I think your odds will improve. Why aren't you looking at recorded liens yourself before involving a title company? I guess they must work for free?

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