How to talk to a deceased homeowner's family?

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Hi all, I may have found THE ONE....However, it's a deceased homeowner but I have a forwarding address. Any tips on how to talk to the family about selling the property? Thanks!

Hi Alex, this is my template for a letter to deceased family:

Dear Ms./Mr. ________,

First and most importantly, may I offer my condolences on the passing of your loved one,________. I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

The reason I am contacting you is I understand the house located at ___________ may be available to purchase. I am looking for a house in this area and would be interested in making an offer if it is going to be sold. Of course, I’m sure at this time the property may not be a priority for the family, but if in the future the heirs decide to sell, please call me and give me the chance to make an offer.

I will purchase the property in it’s “As-Is” condition and pay all cash. This will save the estate time of fixing up and/or cleaning up the house and the extra attorney and realtor fees. I hope you understand you do not have to wait until this probate is completed to sell the property.

If you wish to discuss this further, I can be reached at __________. I’m sure I can give you a fair offer and get cash in your hands right away and faster than if you listed it in this current housing market crisis

In any event, I wish the best for your family in their time of loss.


@Alex Decant besides the owner being deceased, what are the other signs you are seeing telling you this may be "the one"?

Also, how long ago did the owner die?   

my big beef with the Wholesaling/bird-dogging model is how it is reliant on the three D’s: Divorce, Despair, or Death. I personally take exception to the ethical validity of this type of business. I see it as taking advantage of those in a bad situation. And I see it as a scorch the earth mentality for profit. The active camp will say that your are solving “their problem” and “providing a means out of their situation”… I call that justification BS. Call it like it is and take the righteousness junk out it. Now I don’t think that these people are bad its just not something I would feel right doing.

On the other hand, buy and hold rentals are about improving properties and providing fair housing – the key is being a responsible investor and always remembering that you need to provide good living conditions for your tenant. If you can improve neighborhoods in the process, then great!

@Rob Beardsley , thank you very much for providing your template!  It seems compassionate and appropriate.  Great work!  I copied and pasted it in case I ever need something like that.  Thank you!

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