Lessons from Using a Virtual Assistant

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Here are 5 Tips to get the most out of your VA after having some trouble with overseas VAs.

1. Invest your time and give clear instructions - Use a screen share recording and store in a google drive - https://www.useloom.com?ref=207326

2. Set expectations: Tasks, Availability & Deadlines - What are they doing, how much lump sum or hourly, and when is it due

3. Over communicate

4. Delegate and get the best ROI - If you don't like it or really go at it... just don't it

5. Set Goals & Review Performance - give feedback

Also interested in who you guys are using.

What are some websites for virtual assistants?

During high turnover seasons I use a VA to post ads for me. Saves me ~$10/ day from bumping ads and ~25 min daily for handling them. I’ve used fiverr and gone through a few (2 strike policy).

Have them return your instructions email with their interpretation of what they will do before allowing them to start. If it’s off from what you need, reword your instructions and repeat.

And expect quotes all over the map. And expect many amateurs (at best) before you find a competent VA through bargain sites such as upwork & fiverr

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