Resolving A Repair Issue in Baltimore

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Good Morning Biggerpockets,

I am reaching out on how to create a documents that will be signed by myself (buyer) and the previous owner (seller). I recently bought a house in Baltimore so I could get my feet wet in real estate. I have owned the house for about two months now. In month one, I had an issue with the HVAC system in which the air ducts are leaking and coming through the wall. The seller has agreed to fix the issue but will not be able to re create the situation until it is hot out again. The seller has agreed to fix the problem when it in summer time. I want to create a document that he signs and I sign to hold him accountable for fixing the issue. How should this be done/what language should be used in this doc? Any advise/ templates will help!

Thank you BP!

Fix it now.  You can run the AC when its cold.  If nothing else, run the heat until the place is warm then turn on the AC.  Sounds like they're separate systems (or else the heat would have the same issue), so you can run them at the same time.

Once the sale is done, I don't think there's a document like that. I would just draw something up if i were you. I'm surprised the seller is fixing it though since it's already closed months ago

Type it up so it says what you/seller are agreeing to and get it signed.

You can turn on the fan and it will blow , winter or summer . 

@Andrew Brink Like everyone's suggestion here. You can just write it up yourself. 

You can also get it notarized for the added safety. 

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