You have $40k, what do you do?

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Hi BPers,

Let's say you have $40k to invest. Currently you have a portfolio of SFH's but are looking for larger deals now, maybe in apartments or commercial. Where could you be creative and get the most bang for your buck?


Look into master lease agreements. But I would turn that 40k into 80k then into 160k since your trying to go into Commerical....but hey that’s just me. 

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Eventually we looking for passive income but at this point we will be as hands on as we need to be to build up to the point where we can afford to invest in more passive streams.  I think it would great to invest in more active for the next 3-5 years while having the end goal being passive.

there are many ways to skin a thing you could do is flip some residential properties until you have 160k. Once you have over 100k you could do some real estate syndication and go into a large scale deal with someone. Many ways to go about this.....PM me I’ll give you a good place for you to learn about master lease agreements in details. Also look at Commerical real estate under the topics on BP. It’s ton of articles on there as well. 

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Got it, I think if you're relatively hands-on (20+ hours per week), you'd be in a good position to something on the smaller end of commercial. I would use your money as the foundation, and try to bring in a few investors from your network with great terms for them (honor the money). 

Doing a syndication is expensive for the first round, that's why it's nice to have a few people you trust to form the LLC with you, and you can try out the process of raising money and meeting investor demands.

If you don't have that kind of time, then I recommend investing in someone else's project.

@Account Closed lol yeah sure. I’ll accept all request. And the topic of master lease are all over the internet. Even on BP, there are articles on here. As far as flipping. Yeah sure PM me.