Any advise on renting to medical students and medical residents

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Does anyone have any experience renting to medical students or medical residents? How do you target them specifically? I was thinking about purchasing a property close to the hospital. I am finishing up my medical training, and I was wondering how to get started. Having gone through medical school and residency, I know that most medical students and residents are reliable/trustworthy making them great tenants. 

Thanks for the help.

@Brian Hassani being near a teaching hospital would help. But then since you were a med student yourself, were there any specific forums, message boards or bars/restaurants you frequented where you could advertise? Was there a bar where a lot of the nurses went after their shift? Did the medical school have a community board where you could share info?

@Andrew Kerr There were no specific forums or message boards that I am aware of.  There are several restaurants around the hospital, but no specific spot that is the "go to".  Any thoughts on contacting the hospital, medical school, and residency programs directly? Do you have any experience with this or something similar? I am new to real estate investing and trying to figure out some of these details. 

Appreciate the advice.

I have done a fair amount of student rentals. My target has always been grad students vs under grad. 

Stop by and bring coffee and bagels to the residency program staff one morning. Leave them a brochure/flyer highlighting your rental and a business card. Tell them you are/were a med student. Help make a connection. Then maybe they call when a student asks them for suggestions on housing.

Also, Google is your friend. I spent one minute googling a major university in an MSA I invest in. I googled UNC Medical School message board, and here is what I found: I know nothing about this site other than I saw their tag line "A nonprofit forum, we help students become doctors". They might have a classified section. Or you might be able to advertise on their site. 

Taking another 30 seconds to scroll down I saw this site:

There are options out there, it will just take a little digging :)

I’ve rented to medical students before. I’ve had no issues so far. Feel free to pm me if you want to talk more

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