10 off market properties for 1.2 mil

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Hello, I have recently come across 10 off market properties in the Metro Atlanta area. I am looking to possibly crowdfund a deal to purchase these properties in cash. Do some minor cosmetic rehab then relist all of the properties. After running some numbers there is about 300k to be made after realtor fees. I would love to hear some innovative ideas people have had to fund a large deal like this for SFH.

@Sean Hayes If that's a route you want to go you would do significantly better putting together a powerpoint or PDF file that lays out all the reasons the investment it worth it. It should include, but isn't limited to, the background on you and any partners, your experience/track record, each individual deal, the property information, the addresses, information on the demographics of the immediate area and the larger MSA, bids from contractors for al the work needs to be done, the total cost, if there is going to be any debt, how much you're looking to raise, expected timeline, expected returns and probably more I can't think of off the top of my head. The more professional and well thought out your plan is, the more likely you are to raise money and feel comfortable risking other peoples money on an investment.

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