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Has anyone attempted to automate some of the MLS review process through obtaining an MLS feed from your local area (or even national) then scraping the data into Excel for quick analysis?

I have a couple of questions: 

1. How do most people get MLS feeds? Do you have your REA set parameters for you? Do you just ignore the MLS all together if your established?

2. Has anyone been able to obtain a national MLS feed? Is this even possible?

3. Anyone scraping data as mentioned above? 

I had an agent for my first deal (2 duplexes) who has since left the company. I still have his MLS feed, but I want to expand my data pool and haven't gotten a new agent. Looking to get a second investment in the near future so want to try this strategy. Day job is in technical marketing (SEO) so scraping data is quite simple for me. I've figured out how to automate, just need the data now!

Yes.  Others have done it.

Lifestyles Unlimited has a national MLS feed so you can easily find sales comps and rental comps for any property in the country. https://www.lifestylesdiscovery.com/   I believe you have to have at least their basic membership and there is a month-to-month usage fee for the system.   I've used this system before with very good results.

I am not aware of any other national system.

If you are an active SF real estate investor, having something like this is invaluable.

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