Airbnb Investment in DFW; Looking for mentor/co-host

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I'm hoping the BP forums can pull through for me: 

A co-worker and I are interested in purchasing an SFR for an Airbnb investment, some place desirable in the greater Dallas area. I'm doing my own research, but would appreciate someone's advice and experience to get it running and automated. If someone can really bring value, I wouldn't mind bringing them on as an official co-host through Airbnb's co-hosting function.

Does anyone in DFW have a successful replicable Airbnb model? Thanks!

I relocated to Valley Ranch from Houston about 8 months ago and am currently looking for a duplex to move into, likely in North Dallas, when my apartment lease ends. If y'all end up buying a property in that North Dallas area and ever find yourselves in a bind and unable to make it to the property for turnover, quick fixes, etc., feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to help.

Hi Philip, how did it go in your adventure? Where you guys able to build your AirBnB in DFW?

My Wife and I run 6 AirBnB properties in El Salvador, her profile now is a Super Host but we are now interested in building a portfolio here in the US. I have a rental property in Arlington but the area is not good for AirBnB as it’s too far away from the good stuff, so we are looking at Leasing to Sub-lease with the owners permission obviously in all transparency.

Let me know how your experience went and if you have any AirBnB questions let me know as we might be able to help you guys out.

Cheers, Francisco