Conservation easement investments - tax savings shelter

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Has anyone had success in winning a case against the Irs with their direct participation in a conservation easement investment?

Lately they have been cracking down hard and doing audits on  conservation easement investments as they are not allowing these types of writeoffs as tax savings strategies to be recognized after the fact.

I'd like to hear from you on your experience with this and if you've had luck with winning.

Wow.  Very interesting topic.  I do not know about this type of investment at all (ALERT!  Disclaimer! Complete ignorance here, and happy to admit it!) :-)   

However, since a bunch of the work that I do involves solar farms & cell towers, I've been in the situation of having to coach a landowner in & out of state regulations for tax abatements based on conservancy, agriculture, and forestry when they want to accept a Ground Lease from me.   I've worked on these in Mass, NH, NY, and PA.  

So, That's why your post caught my attention, @Ralph C. ,  and I looked up your term via the "scientific google method."  

 This is about the first thing I saw:

This article from Forbes in July not only outlines the process, but also seems to absolutely skewer the concept.  

In the name of fair & unbalanced posting,  (and without politics, please, to the greatest possible extent!) is anyone able to offer a counterpoint to the article? Is there something other than a faulty tax-shelter and/or scam to consider here?  

I'm quite interested in the replies you may get.  

Good luck! 

@Ralph C. did you end up investing in a conservation easement?  If so, how do you feel the process went?  Would you do it again?  If you did move forward with the investment, would you mind DMing me which syndicator or firm you invested with?  

@Mike Demmitt I am also curious with this investment strategy, please fill me in if any info comes your way!

Unfortunately, I have not heard a response or DM from Steve.

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