Recycled houses? It seems cool?

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Every once in every once in awhile I will drive past a house that I noticed I was moved there on a truck. It is a traditional post and beam Construction, not a mobile home. I got curious and hit up Google which feature stories of people buying these houses and having them removed and installed on their property for a price much lower than they can have a new house constructed.

Has anyone considered doing this for investment properties? Every once in a while I run across deals for very cheap buildable Lots or for Lots with house that absolutely needs to be demolished. Usually the new construction figures don't make it feasible. But maybe putting a recycled house on the lot would?

Has anyone ever done this? Or looked into it? It seems very interesting to me.

Interesting. I am curious too to hear the story of someone who has done that.
More importantly, I wonder what the numbers were.
How much it cost to buy the house, move the house versus building that house.

So yeah - the local university is giving me some houses that need to be moved and I have looked into it. Local mover charges $10,000-$15,000. Height limited to 14' 6". Gotta cut off any porches or other protrusions. Must build a new foundation and ideally it is a "pass through" style. Must lay all new plumbing. Bldg dept will want electrical upgraded - and maybe windows and insulation too. And we have not yet addressed the costs of land and utility taps and overall rehab costs. The free houses aren't that cheap! But I'm still going to do it by carefully choosing my location... 'cause I'm green that way (and like an interesting challenge). 

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