Any Advice on using Virtual Assistants Effectively

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    This isn't a new strategy, but something that is new to me.   Can anyone give me any advice or success/horror stories on using a Virtual Assistant?   I have a lot of new areas I am focusing on at the same time in our businesses and as much as I would like to hire a full time Business Developement Manager or other employes, the payroll would just outweigh the benefits unless everything went exactly as planned.   

    Here is what I was hoping to use a VA for:

    1.  To call on existing owners to help source off market opportunities

    2.  Assist with data collection to help compile list for off market opportunities or potential business aquistions

    3. Fill in the areas that day to day is hard to maintain as the business grows: Accounting, customer service, social media.....really any task that could be successfully managed with a to suggestions since I think I am limiting my options out of fear that the task will be performed to the level I expect.

    Again, any advice is extremely appreciated, also looking for recommendations for the best sources to find quality VA's.

    I’ve noticed a lot of brokers using VAs these days. I’d start going into realtor offices, talking with them, see if they use VAs, how they use them, where they got them, and referrals. and are both good sources to find virtual assistants.

    In addition to Upwork and Freelancer...   On LinkedIn you can find VAs that specialize in various aspects of RE.  I’ve heard some good things about VAs in the Philippines. Maybe message a few of them back and forth to gauge their ability to communicate effectively and timely through email before a skype conversation.   

    I would also suggest looking into for customer service/social media needs. Everyone there has been vetted by a team, cutting down your time and need for interviewing.

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