What are your secrets for finding unlisted land or tear downs?

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If you're looking for either land to build on, a tear down, or a major fixer upper, where do you look besides the MLS and craigslist? What are your secrets? Anything Vermont specific is a bonus :)

if we told everyone they would not be secrets anymore.

however that said.

you find deals

1. MLS

2. direct mail

3. probate attornies

4. FSBO on craigs list etc.

5. driving for dollars

6.  RIA meet up type events

7. General networking

8. TAx sale list  ( back ad valorum tax's )

9. Mortgage/trust deed  foreclosure lists

talk to anyone and everyone you know or run into and tell them your looking to buy distressed land or fixers

Driving for dollars is my favorite as well as using craigslist for FSBO's.

I also have good luck talking to the neighbors of every house I renovate. I always wait to see them outside and go introduce myself to get the info on the other neighbors and see who is looking to sell. It worked so well that last year I ended up buying one house on the street then bought the next door house after talking to them and I am currently working on buying the next house over right now. My goal is to own the street.  :)

Just talk to people and you would be surprised where you will find a deal.

Easy. Just go to the town/city you want to invest in and ask the Town Clerk if the town has any tax owned or surplus properties for sale.

However, you will generally need to pay cash for the properties. But you might get it for the cost of the back taxes and interest. There's usually a lot of problem properties so do your due diligence before making a deal. In hot areas someone's already beat you to the punch so you might need to look at less attractive areas that haven't boomed yet for the best deals.

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