Buying a House with Tax Credits

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Has anyone heard of this?

I have not heard of this.  I have heard of buying a house with tax liens.  Tax credits are discounts that you can take off of your income tax bill unless they are used in some other context that I am not aware of.

Hi @Aaron Klatt that’s what I was also thinking but I met a woman who says she’s done it several times. The house has to have a mortgage though.  I guess the amount of the credits is enough to cover it. It sounds a bit complicated but intriguing 

@Don Cuffy Maybe she means local programs that help low and middle income people buy homes or something similar.

@Don Cuffy Probably referring to the Mortgage Credit Certificate program aka MCC. It's a federal tax credit. Here's a link to the CalFHA website that explains more.

@Rob Moran I don't think that's it because I'm in VA

@Michael Biggs I have no idea that's why I'm asking has anyone else heard of it. It's legit though because she has closed on houses. From what I understand it's all about the codes.

@Aaron Klatt I don't think that's it either because it seems like any house with a mortgage qualifies for it

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