could be Costco Hack?

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Hey one and all! While I was waiting outside to get picked up I saw this old husk of a couch waiting on the curbside to be whisked off to a far far place called the land fill. On this couch was a tag saying Costco and I started thinking to myself well, they should have just returned this to Costco because every one knows that you can return anything and they won't ask a question! 

So I was left with a question, do or why do people not buy things from Costco and when it wears out from tenet use return it therefor saving money on there investments? 

@Robert Spears because its not a "hack" but taking advantage of a great Company's outstanding customer service. It goes against the intent of the policy and is a petty short sighted thing to do.

If more people do what you suggest, Costco's return policy will go the way off LL Bean's and REI's return policy.

 More to your point, they will look up your membership ID and see you didn't buy the couch. 

This is the definition of stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime. My goal is to get the unit repaired, cleaned, and re rented; not return things my tenants have left behind.

@Bill F.  @Kyle J.

Thanks for the feed back! I think I might have written it in a confusing way but my thought was that if I got say a bathroom/kitchen faucet for a rental property and then return it when it had worn down or been broken by a tenant and use that money to purchase a new one or a upgraded one. But that probably still goes along the lines of using the system. I guess maybe it comes down to where you draw the line of trying to find good deals or taking advantage of others to get a good deal. My intentions where not to cheat a awesome company out of their services but use the ones they provide, hopefully that is more clear.

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