Pre foreclosure information regarding pre forclosure lists

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A local professional who buys pre foreclosure AND trustee auction swears equitydepot dot com is a more complete source then realtytrac dot com.   But the lists are free by buying the county legal newspaper.  BUT those lists are opaque impossible to read.  Buying a service from these and other websites they pull county records for bets/baths, even the loan amount, when originated so you can guess balance etc.,   

Also, for your county some 3-4 weeks prior to the trustee auction date will have a list of "live auction" and often will show a current owner title search shown on each houses page.   1st stop, check for your counties, search filter "live auction".

Pre foreclosure is a tough tough strategy.  More than 90% of folks heading to loosing their homes, refuse to sell, and they go down with the ship.   Watch out!!!!   don't be gullable and try to help pre foreclosure sellers when they call you back a day before the auction!!!!   Professionals tell the owners,,, yoiu are better served saving your credit, even getting some moving money, to agree to sell no later then 11 days prior to the auction....  "11 days prior is the latest" they will accept a new seller, due to all the bank payoff info, talking to the trustee, getting the arears cert check into the banks hands etc etc and ETC.  

A local trainers "hidden market" strategy is to pull the pre foreclosure lists, door knock, or call, THEN drive and door knock the rough under stress houses a few block radius around each pre foreclosure address.  You'd be shocked how fast you can build a list of rough houses driving for $$ then door knocking those doors.  None of those addresses are on any wholesalers public list!!! those are private all yours leads, just for you to work.  

Best of luck,  curt