2 Full Time Jobs to Accelerate Real Estate Goals

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Does anyone else do this strategy to meet your goals faster? I’ll be 3 years in next month.

If so, please share tips for staying motivated, being efficient, avoiding burnout, etc.

I started with 25k student loans (paid off) and have a 1.3 million portfolio now. 

This is a great strategy if you can handle it.

Congratulation that your hard work paid off the loan and have a bigger and bigger portfolio!


I’d rather work one job and spend more time on real estate investing because you’ll be able to scale faster. You don’t need much money to buy real estate. The first four homes I bought were with $4000. Get creative or use OPM. I’m adding another $50M to my portfolio this year and only using about $95k of my own money.

Scaling to $1.1M (3 or 4 homes?) in three years is slow, and probably because you’re putting less focus on real estate investing.

I really enjoy work

I often worked 80 to 100 hours a week.    To me 40 hours seems like part time

Then again I am retired now and enjoy only working if I want to