How to get started with limited capital

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I am completely new to real estate investing. I have been trying to get started but I'm not sure what the best strategy is given I have limited funds for my first deal. I have posted regarding this topic before and the general consensus was that I should just start saving more aggressively and then eventually buy a multi-family property as my first deal. I have been working towards that but it just seems like a very slow process given my expenses and I'm getting married this year. I'm determined to find a way to get started now but I'm unsure how.

I'm in the LA area so the market is very competitive. Most properties, even those that require intense renovations, are still out of my price range. I heard on a recent BiggerPockets podcast that some investors use private lenders rather than going through a traditional bank. Can anyone provide some more information on this? Is going through a private lender something I should look into?

I have thought about wholesaling but it seems like it would be tough to stay persistent with since I have a full time job.

I have the credit to get approved for a loan but seemingly not enough cash for a down payment or to fund any rehab projects.

I appreciate the help.



Saving is a slow process, but you have to trust the process. Living wayyy below your means and saving the difference to invest in real estate is how many investors got started. Big goals like investing in real state don't happen quickly, they hard work, persistence, and most importantly patience. Wholesaling is a good way to earn money to invest but you need to make time for it. It takes time to cold call and door knock to find deals. Money/time/creativity, you gotta have one fo these things. Good Luck!

@Daniel Rosado If I was in your position I would partner up with someone. Offer to do the leg work of a deal and add value to that individuals business. EVERYONE in real estate is looking to make a profit especially investors. Go to meet ups and talk to people after a couple months of networking you will find someone that you can help. This will get you started. Hope this helps!

@Daniel Rosado , I'm in the same boat as you. I'm in NY so the market is also competitive. Saving up for a 20% down here will take a while, and with all these creative ways to get capital I strongly feel like theres a way to get started sooner. There's never going to be a good time. Luckily, I'm trying to do this with my boyfriend, but we're still at a loss for what route to take. I don't really have advice for you, just support, and empathy. We are so excited to get started, but don't want to make the wrong moves. 

Have you thought about using an FHA loan to get approved? Granted you would have to live in the property. That's the issue my boyfriend and I are having now. We ideally don't want to have to move into one of the units in a duplex or triplex.