How to find owner email and phone number

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This may vary from state to state but here in CA you can call the Assessor's Office and ask them.  You just have to give them the address and they give out the registered owners first and last name and mailing address.  They don't give the phone number but if you Google the person and hunt around you can usually come up with a number.   

I see you're in Philly so here you go...    good luck.

Outside of the tax assessors website the easiest way is to just ask the owner. “What is your email address and phone number?” Seems to work for me

@Derrick James Two suggestions for finding owner emails and phone numbers... 1. I primarily use this when screening tenant applicants, but it generally gives pretty good info. It will certainly include some outdated info, but more times than not it includes what I'm looking for. It's absolutely worth the cost ($0). Just be cautious of all the carefully disguised ads on the site. If you get suckered into clicking one by accident you'll get swept off to a paid site :) 2. I recently came across the Cole Realty Resource prospecting program ( through a BP blog post. They give you unlimited access to their database of phone numbers and emails for a flat fee (~$1k per year). I have not used it yet, but if your need is great enough it may well be worth the cost.