Need advice to stop a tax deed sale

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Why it's called the tax deed sale there's delinquent taxes that the county wants paid. It's not the end of the world if a tax lien is sold. Just pay off the lien holder the tax amount plus the overage etc.  You have up to a year to pay off the lien holder.

So you can't come up at the funds which of be the best case you have a year to pay off what the lien holder paid plus interest.

Boston the auction goes well over with the delinquent tax amount is that's called the overage.  When you pay the lien holder off the overage is yours but you have to file a claim with the county to get it back.  

Aside from paying my taxes how would I get the IRS to not come after me?  Long term there is no other solution than just paying the taxes, if you have to take out a loan to do so that may be an undesirable but necessary option.

tax deed sale?  Are you in Texas, Ga, or Tenn?  Sometimes you can start some legal action before the sale and it’ll be removed. But in the long run it’ll cost you more than paying the taxes. If it’s going to tax deed sale, it’s pretty serious. 

I didn't see what state you are in. 

In Arkansas, you have to contact the Commissioner of State Lands to redeem the property. You do have to pay the taxes (and fees) - and the redemption property can take some time, so do not wait any longer. You might consider borrowing the money ASAP, if possible.

@Ken Madderra - You will need to prove to the Commissioner that you have some ownership interest in the property, while it's wrapped up in probate, etc. One popular way to do this is in Arkansas, is with an affidavit of heirship. You will want to speak with a local real estate attorney about this. Do not wait!  It takes time to get things sorted out and get the proper paperwork in order for the Commissioner.