Off market deals? How to approach owner?

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I have a house nextdoor to my multifamily house where I also live, that is possibly a good off market deal. The owners are elderly, husband died earlier this year. House is in blight conditions. How do I go about contacting seller? I don't have a lot of money or cash flow for cash offers. Also another owner in the area recently had one single family house on the market with the option to buy her neighboring single family home for a slight discount if you buy both. The one was contingent, now off market. How can I approach them and find out what the status is and what should my angle be?

@Peter Kopchik If you know the people just go knock on their door and ask. 

You can work with the seller to carry a note for your which you can pay back over a period of time. This can put her in a tax advantageous position (consult with your CPA) while deferring/avoiding taxes (depending on how you structure the deal). 

Would suggest consulting a GC and getting bids for the rehab before proceeding forward. Older properties can be a PITA to rehab.