Lot Next to Highway Great Location for Billboard

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Anyone with experience renting out space to billboard companies?

My family owns a nice lot, about 1 acre, along the major highway in my area (Southeast Iowa).

In the future, I plan to split the lot and build two new homes. In the meantime, I wondered about renting the space to a billboard company. I have now idea where to start. An advertising broker? are there key players in various regions? 

Any help is appreciated!


Is the billboard already built? I am pretty sure the land needs to be zoned as commercial or industrial if you are going to put a billboard up. You can get more information from Brent Christian, who is the Right of Way agent for the Iowa DOT.

You can also use this link to read more about billboard regulations in Iowa. https://iowadot.gov/iowaroadsigns/sign-programs-and-applications/billboards