Converting Garage to ADU

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Hey everyone, I’m looking to see if anyone has experience converting a large detached garage to an ADU Dwelling (in-law suite, granny suite, etc.) Has this strategy worked for an additional rental unit or forced appriecatIon to justIfy the costs? Most estImates onlIne for pre-exIstIng structures are around 15k-40k for an entire remodel. Additionally, city zoning allows for one additional unit of an existing structure, so long as it doesn’t contain a stove or oven and matches the SFH it shares the parcel with. Are they any permitting laws that am I missing with this type of rehab? Thanks for any help!
@Keaton Lynn no stove or oven means the adu is for your own granny. Single family zoning means related people...or that is my understanding. If you get compaints leading to an inspection, you may run into problems.
@Marian Smith so may not work for rental income. An adu may or may not make your property worth more, if you lose a garage then it may not...unless you can wait for the right buyer then possibly.

You lose the appeal of needing a garage on storage. I know many in East Coast need to store their cars inside during the real cold winter. 

If garage is available on every competing property except yours people will skip looking at the home that does not have a garage.