9 Habits that Successful People Implement Every Single Day

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Your goals and outcomes in life are nothing but compounded habits. Focus on doing the activities that will help you find your passion and one day lead you become the person that you intend to be. There is something sacred about crafting your life vision and living life with and for a purpose. Real estate can be that vehicle if you are willing to put in the work. Many will find that this is more than a career; it's a passion that adds purpose to every day life.

Success means different things to different people. For some success may mean financial achievement, for others being successful might simply mean achieving a state of wellness, health, or happiness. Whatever you define as success, I believe that these nine habits will help to develop a routine that can be build around your daily schedule. If consistently implemented it will lead to a higher state of mind, which in turn produces results in life and business. 

  1. Set goals: You’ve probably never met a successful person that doesn’t set goals. The chances of finding what you want without a clear target to move forward are pretty close to zero. Setting goals should be the number one priority for anyone seeking success. Define exactly what it is you and and figure out what it is going to take to get there. Knowing your why is crucial because this gives you the strength and purpose to keep going even when opposition stands in your way.
  2. Take complete responsibility for your success as we;; as failures in your life: Successful people do not play the victim role. Your energy is always best spent in the present and planning for the future. Do not live someone else’s life, nor live in the past and make excuses for what you believe you should have been. Regardless of where you stand, you decide where you want to go.
  3. Self discipline: Self discipline is a strong trait of nearly all successful people. This can be developed with intentional focus and consistent application. What do you choose to do with your free time? It’s much easier to have self discipline if you have clear goals and meaningful purpose; we are filled with so many distractions in todays society, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to starve that distraction. This will lead to higher productivity and greater fulfillment.
  4. Be obsessed with self development: The essence of life is growth. It’s in our nature to grow and learn through application and experience. Do whatever it takes to sculpt your mind and craft your vision. The more you learn, the more you earn; financially as well as spiritually.
  5. Successful people read every day: Reading is a common past time of many successful people. Most successful people enjoy being alone and developing themselves through constant self improvement. Use time that you have wisely to gain new insights and skills. This is much more effective in the long run as opposed to scrolling through social media and watching television.
  6. Manage your time well: Time management is essential to success. Most people tend to get stressed out and overwhelmed when there are too many tasks at hand. Successful people prioritize the big payoffs and most rewarding tasks first, leaving the less significant ones last. They also plan ahead and know what needs to be done in order to reach their goals.
  7. Take risks: If you don’t take risks, it is very seldom that you will reap any rewards. Successful people know that there are times when they will be required to take calculated risks to get them where they want to go. Do not be afraid to step out and create the life that you want. Going through the motions and living a life that you don’t want should be unacceptable.
  8. Push past your failures: We all suffer setbacks, every single person on this planet will suffer through failure. Some will lose everything; many will quit, but the successful will never throw in the towel. They keep going, knowing that their greatest character is formed through adversity. Your success story is still being written.
  9. Love what you do: If you’re not doing what you love, you cannot really claim yourself a success. Do not lose sight of your life purpose; find what you love doing and spend the time that you have in developing that craft.. Do what you love everyday and you will never work a day in your life.

The quality of our lives are sculpted one moment at a time. Every decision large and small will have a significant effect on our lives. Get in the habit of developing your mindset and investing in yourself. You will look back several years from now and realize how far you have come.

Aristotle said that 95% of everything that you do is a result of habit. Researchers say it takes 30 days to develop a habit. Change does not happen overnight, start implementing these strategies now.

@Ben Lovro Really enjoyed reading this. I now pretty much abide my these and other habits daily and for the past 5 years it has made a big difference in both my professional and personal life. I wake up early each day as well because I never will allow lack of time management or lack of planning to be reason for failure. Again this was a good read and reminder of what I need to continue to do daily. 😊

Hey @Sarah S. thanks for taking the time to read this post! I believe that morning routines are sacred; they help refresh your mind and prepare you for the tasks for that day. I'm sure you can attest; time management is definitely one of the biggest struggles that I face as an entrepreneur. Learning to be intentional with the time that you have and finding that ONE most important task to focus on.

Blessings and prosperity to you and your endeavors! Always keep the main thing the main thing and seek Gods guidance in all that you do.