How to finance more than 10 properties

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I understand that the limit is 10 mortgages for someone to have.  How is it possible to own more than 10 investment properties?

I have heard on the Bigger Pockets podcast multiple individuals with more than 10 properties.  Trying to learn here and would appreciate any guidance on this.  TIA!

@Richard V. Commercial, private, or portfolio loans. The 10 max is a fannie mae guideline. Most small banks and credit unions will do portfolio, or commercial loans. The only problem is that the rates are usually higher and it's harder to find 30 year mortgages.

@Richard V. Great question! You can set up a LLC and purchase property as an entity. I would recommend not doing this until you have maxed out the 10 mortgage limit, because Like Jason said above the entity can only do commercial deals with rates and terms that are not as competitive as residential mortgages.