Catching someone up who’s behind on payments (subject to deal)

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How do I know the bank will not foreclose if I catch someone up on their payments. I’m looking to do a subject to deal and need to spend about 4K to catch the seller up. My concern is that I catch them up close the deal subject to and the bank still forecloses on the property. Property is scheduled to go to auction begging of October.
@Brendon Rogers the bank can't foreclose if someone gets caught up on their loan. However, are you sure the owners only owe $4,000? That sounds like a very low amount for the bank to foreclose on. Usually attorneys fees, penalties and all that other stuff alone comes too far in excessive 4K. Also, most mortgages nowadays don't allow for assumption by a third party. Your best bet is to bring the bank into the conversation and make sure they're okay with what you're working on with the owner.