Purchase through seller finance or use hard money? Help

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I’m debating on a property that I got emailed about. I believe it’s a wholesaler. He says all the seller wants is to save his credit and is 6k behind on his taxes. The seller still owes 78k on his property and wants 4K down and is willimg to seller finance. I’m thinking the wS fee is included in that, not too sure. My brother is a real estate agent and we ran camps. ARV for a 3/2, 1600sqft are conservatively in between 115k-125k in that area. This Property needs In between 10-13k in repairs. My question, should I purchase It seller fInance or use all hard money. How would you structure this Deal? My end goal Is to hold It for a few years and sell It through seller finance. Any help Is appreciated.
@Carlos Martinez . Buy with hard money and then refinance. Not sure this is a deal though. Who told you the 13k in repairs? The wholesaler lol? If that’s the case it’s certainly off. Let’s say it’s 13k. You buy at 78 plus 6k in taxes plus 13k in repairs. That alone puts you at 80 percent ARV. After selling costs or throw in holding costs and repair overruns and you’ll break even at the arv is you’re lucky.