Air b and b stragity

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Hi BP, i'm not that new to BP, i do more reading in the forum than i do posting. However i'm looking for some insight on an idea that came to me. I just evicted a tenant from one of the nicest apartments in my portfolio and originally thought about personally occupying it, but i move around alot, so i began thinking about air b and b. That way i can use it when i want and collect income when i'm away. So my question is is it a good idea to have a single air b and b apartment in a small multi unit buildon? Or having multiple air b and b apartments spreaded out over multiple small multi unit buildings?

I don’t have any experience with these, but I think you will find better answers in the short term rental or vacation rental areas of the forums.  I know that the housing associations in our local condos permit or dis-allow vacation rentals.  We also have some towns that forbid them entirely.  I think you have some research to do in those two areas:  the building management or association, and the town or township.