Interest Rates Changing

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The Fed increased interest rates (for the third time this year) yesterday, and indicated they intend to raise them again in December. 

From a macroeconomic standpoint, this is arguably a good thing. It's a sign of a strong/growing economy and an indication that the Fed believes they need to keep inflation in check. 

From a microeconomic standpoint, higher mortgage interest rates reduce the buying power of home buyers, thus putting downward pressure on home prices. Home prices being at an all time high in many areas, this also might not be a terrible thing. Many investors (particularly those who are buying) would welcome a return to less of a seller's market, with more inventory and more modest price increases. 

And most would agree that a stable housing market is preferred to a runaway bubble.

On the other hand...(we're talking about economics, there's always an other hand!)

Welcome to BP @Rashaad Harper . The talk is that interest rates will be rising soon, so stay tuned! Keep getting yourself educated and learn as much as you can. There is money to be made in every market! 

To put actual numbers on things, I bought my first investment property at 5.25% interest in Feb 2018, and am currently under contract on my 5th property which is now at 5.875% interest seven months later. Both have 20% down payments.