Looking for advice on financing my third property!

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Hi I am looking for creative ways to finance my 3rd property. In 2015 I purchased a 4 family using a FHA loan. Then I refinanced the house to a conventional loan investment property. That allowed me to use a FHA loan for my second property 3 family house. Now I have lived in the second property for a year and ready to make my next move! I prefer another multi family but will consider a single family if the numbers work! My biggest opstical is the down payment for the next property. I looked into conventional 3 percent down loans but read it only applys to first time home buys or buyers who haven’t purchased a property in 3 years. Also was thinking about getting a LOC from my first property but since it’s not owner occupied it seems very hard to find a lender. If I do go with another conventional loan what’s the lowest down payment out there realistically. Also has anyone got a LOC on their investment property? My properties are In Massachusetts. If anyone has any advice or ideas I would appreciate it!!!

@Frank Salas if you go the single family route, you should have no trouble getting a 5% down conventional loan. You also might check with your lender as the guidelines recently changed for conventional and you could potentially do 5% down on a 3 or 4 unit!

 I have a client who pulled this off recently. He purchased three investment properties in Berwyn and Cicero in about 18 months. Two of them were with owner occupant loans. He then purchased a single family home to live in with the 5% down conventional loan product. Using these financial products to our advantage is one of the greatest "cheat codes" we get in real estate!