Bird dogging

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Has anyone heard anything about, or ever earned any money finding properties for them? I just signed up and I figure the education I'll get couldn't hurt, but I was wondering if anyone here has earned one of those $1,000 checks for finding them a deal. I plan on giving them a shot just to "practice" so I can know a good deal when I see it. Thanks folks. I appreciate your replies.
-jetmek02 :D

i signed up for it, just too see what it was like and to get some more info on birddoging. there seemes to be alot of info to soak up and there's some free forms there too. i haven't actually done buisiness with them and not sure if i would yet, but i guess if your only birddoging for them you wouldn't really be out much if it went sour.

i'd love to here if anyone has done any deals with this and if it turned out ok.

oh yeah, when i signed up i gave them my alternate email addres that i check twice a month and they sent me 8 emails within three days. i hate that, so i would give them an email that you don't care about getting cluttered up.

I received a 3 or 4 emails from them the first couple days after I signed up, but not 8. Now I don't know about the $1,000 checks or their program or anything else about their company, but when I read through their free ebook on finding deals I was very impressed. It gives some very good ideas for a new investor to use to get started in birddogging or wholesaling or really just in finding deals.

You don't need their $1,000 checks. They give you a $1,000 because they just made $5,000 selling it to another investor. Find your own investors and sell it yourself and make $6,000.

I THINK I have it!!!

-I meet some investors/rehabbers, etc.

-I find a property that I think is a good deal.

-I enter into an assignable contract with the seller.

-I assign the purchase of the home to the investor.

***What happens if the deal goes south for whatever reason? Is the wholesaler left holding the bag? I mean what are my obligations contractually? Is this where I need an exit strategy?

Thanks again for the replies.

I think there is a lack of understanding about how the registration works at Once you send in your initial information you are automatically registered, and you can sign in and access their ebook immediately. No response from them is required to access their website. They don't communicate this very well, though, and I can see why people get confused.

ResearchRetrieve, if you are referring to being wary of wholesaling, then I can personally assure you that it works well when done correctly.

Hey guys gals,

Not trying to rip on but let's be real here. You can make much more $$ if you simply invest some time. All they are, (speculating), are probably a some group (one dude) that got together and created a site to funnel deals through. I'm a mortgage broker and I come here to look for deals all the time.

Say you birddog a deal for them...are you getting paid for what it's worth? Probably not. You find a good deal, do some home work. Post it yourself to the various REI sites, like this one. What do you need them for? If you're getting paid $1K, $5K, from birddogz, guess what they're making.

Take the initiative, do it YOURSELF!

My 2cents....

Shameless plug: You got a deal you don't know where to take, run it by me. I'll go 50/50. Maybe 40/60 you. Who knows. What matters is you find someone that knows where to take a deal and get paid for it!

Best of luck!

No problem. Imagine if I got paid for every deal that went through this site . . . hint, hint! Any takers??

LOL! No kiddin'. I imagine you come across some doozies! We should chat some time. I have a great equity participation deal for developing that can't be beat. Maybe you know of some deals....


when you find an investor that wants to contract you to find them properties that you have research how do you form the contract agreement with them. meaning do you have a website where they can sign an online agreement or do simply mail them the contract and wait for them to sign it and send it back. and if you do do you include the property's address in the contract that you want to assign to them (if you have one already) thus giving no reason to sign with you now that you reveal the property.
reason why i ask is because i have come across many different forms of agreements and just want to get an idea of which is the best form to take.
thanks guys