Calculating a house hacking deal

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I am currently in the middle of negotiating a deal for a duplex that intend to live in one side while renting the other. With the combined rent from one side and my roommate I will not have a housing payment and profit $100... gross any other kind of expenses.

When using the rental calculator what is the best way to input the numbers so it takes the money I am saving currently on rent ($500) into consideration?

Hi @Jantsen Locke ,

the calculators are not really set up for house hacks, because there are all sorts of quirks to using that strategy. What specifically are you trying to figure out?

@Amanda G. I was just curious if there was a place to put the money you'd be saving via house hacking into the calculator to better estimate the deal.  I think I might have a good deal, but I wasn't sure how to add that in to my report.  Thanks for your thoughts.

@Jantsen Locke , without knowing the details, it sounds like an excellent deal. You have to live somewhere, and this actually lets you live for "free". Then you can save what you would have been putting into rent/mortgage into your next project.

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