Billing a unit for water.

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I have a duplex house hack I am still working on and I am about 2 weeks from rent ready. I have manicuple water. The issue here is the water gets billed quarterly and the town will not let owners transfer utility ownership to the Tennant. So I have to pay the bill but obviously I dont want to. I am trying to get a little creative on how to do this without getting overly complicated. I was floating the idea of charging a flat rate monthly. And give anything extra back at the end of the quarter.

@Richard Arden My recommendation is to put into your rental agreement that you bill each unit for the water they use plus a small surcharge of about 10% (more than the municipality charges you) to reimburse you for the cost of metering and billing.  Then install a wifi enabled water meter on the water main for each duplex so you can read the two meters from anywhere.   Water meters cost $65 to $800 ea depending on the features you choose.  Installing wifi enabled water metering also provides you with the safety feature of receiving leak alert notifications from a number of the meters.  Just google WiFi Water Meter or check out some of these sites.





$800 (includes install) or $18/m0