Finding Absentee Out of State Owners

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@Ryan Anthony Out of state owners are a good target, but be aware that you might want to mix in some other lists because in many markets, all absentee owners (in and out of state) are getting multiple offers and it is tough to stand out. 

Think about working with a list broker who can provide the out of state owners, but also suggest other newer motivated seller lists.

@Ryan Anthony Locally, I get lists like this directly from the title company and it costs me nothing.  In some states the title companies have to charge for all their services, but the fees are usually nominal.

You should have an RE agent on your team.  Ask him/her to get the list from a title company.  Then you're off and running.  The title company can usually break out the absentee owners quickly.  They will also usually email the results as a CSV file you can open in Excel, then do your own narrowing.

For other lists, think of reasons why people sell or feel they must sell quickly and for less than full market value:  Death, disease, divorce, disaster, dissolution of partnership.  The public records at the courthouse can be a gold mine if you're willing to spend the time, or pay someone to do it for you. 

@Don Alder-LaRue

Thank you very much for the advise! I’ve yet to choose a real estate agent. Primary because I may move to a different market and don’t want to feel like I’m wasting their time. I’ll likely reach out to the title company myself to see if I can get a targeted list

@Ryan Anthony  Some good lists to target are Seniors with Long-time Ownership and Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores. Absentee Owners with Equity have been popular for years, but that means that they might be getting multiple offers every week in their mailbox – so best to mix things up with multiple lists.

You can work with a list broker to optimize your list for your area. From there, there are a lot of companies that can help with the printing and mailing. Be sure that you highlight that "selling your house can be easier than you think" with the advantages of working directly with you instead of the more traditional route.

Be careful. I get about 5-10 calls per day. No exaggeration there. They call me and anyone Ive ever lived with or any business that I was associated with. You wont want to hear what I say if you call me! :)