Next Move after 1st purchase?

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We’ve purchased our 1st property. Which is a triplex in the greater Phoenix area. Wondering what our next move should be? We are short on investment capital and worried about stability of market in 2020. Advise?

Not knowing what the numbers are on this first property, makes it difficult to answer your question.  Not knowing your overall set of goals (long in "where you want to end up financially"), makes it really hard to know what to do next.  Not knowing what you have to work with (cash wise and credit wise), makes it impossible to know if the purchase of this first property, was a good idea in the first place.

@Account Closed

Congratulations Kory, that's awesome!!

...get your systems in place for managing your first acquisition. patient.

...assess your next move when you're ready. ;)

Cheers to your success!