How to get rid of an association in a condo

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We own a few units in a 6 unit condo building. The opportunity to purchase 2 more just came up (bringing us to 4 out of the 6)and so we are nearing our goal of owning the entire building.

I’m now curious how we go about getting rid of the association and the management company that is running the show. I’m not really sure I understand the associations value if we could just bring it in-house down the road.

Would love your thoughts on how we should move forward if anyone has taken this approach in the past!

The association should have bylaws that discuss dissolution.  Why dissolve when you plainly have the clout to control all of its activities (including replacing management) with your voting power?  

Unless you “de-condominiumize” the property, you likely can’t dissolve the association. I’d assume this would require 100% of owners approval. 

You’ll need an attorney who specializes in this. 

Agree with @Darius Ogloza , why attempt to dissolve the association when you can now control the management?

I agree with the others.  Until you own the whole building, you still need an organization that is doing what the association does - collecting money from the other owners, doing maintenance to the exterior, and planning ahead for long term costs.  Why get rid of it?  With 4 units, you will have the controlling interest.  You can get rid of the management company and take over that job if you want, but keep the association for now.

Do you have the cash to buy now? I’m pretty sure as majority owner you can force the conversion to apartments and buy out the other owners (assuming they don’t put up a fight.

You have 4 out of 6 votes , you could vote yourself president , raise the condo fees , change the rules almost anything you want 

@Steve Gerten

There are a number of issues here

1. Condo association bylaws will define what can or can’t be done

2. State condo laws will over ride Condo. Laws

A number of states have laws protecting a minority of owners from detrimental policies imposed by the majority. All states I’m familiar with have laws REQUIRING a condo association for any condominium even if ALL units are owned by the same entity. Further, each state has particular rules and regulations regarding the dissolution of condominium status.

Reading over the number of incorrect informational replies, I have to wonder why people with no knowledge of a subject continue to post incorrect information with no thought or research.