Any High End Househackers?

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Something that always plays in my mind is doing high end house hacks of sorts. Getting large and super nice properties that young professionals wouldnt mind renting a room in, so they have more of a small niche community and nicer accoms than a regular apartment/condo. And i dont mean those companies taking warehouse space and making bedrooms and common areas, but legit ‘luxury’ homes.

Is anyone out there doing this? Have you had any scuccess?

@Aaron K.

Just looked it up. Definitely thinking something like that, but with higher end properties. Would be targeting those that are making above average salaries, but still in the age/place in life where theyd like to share space and have a small community.

Good find!

@Joe Crupi my thought is that the market for that is small, because once you are making higher than average salary the roommate model loses a lot of luster, and if it doesn't it is unlikely that you are also the kind of person that cares about being in a luxury property.